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Safety and Security – Infant/Child Abduction

Review the tips below in the event of a infant child abduction

• Position yourself at an exit or stairwell – “adopt an exit.”

• Pay particular attention to bags, backpacks, bulky coats, etc… anything that could conceal an infant.

• Report anything suspicious to Security.

• Provide details – description, direction of travel, license plate number, etc.

• Question unfamiliar individuals on the floor as to their reason for being there – Look for an ID badge or a visitor’s pass.  When in doubt, call Security!

• Be alert for individuals staging an event, such as an argument or a fire alarm activation, to create a diversion and an opportunity to abduct and infant.

• If a Fire Alarm is activated, monitor exits and stairwells as they release during a fire alarm activation.

• Please dial extension 4444 to activate an infant/child abduction response.