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Information Technology: About Us

The Information Technology (IT) department is committed to providing customer service. We are here to provide our co-workers, physicians, and patients with the best possible technology services to assist in the delivery of excellent patient care. As computer and technology use in our hospitals, clinics and private practice expands, information technology is being used in countless ways to improve healthcare delivery, patient safety, and the relationship between patients and healthcare providers. Our mission in IT is to support all of our colleagues and customers, in identifying, selecting, deploying and using the best technologies to meet the needs of our organization.

The IT department provides services in the following key technology areas:

  • Client Services
  • Application Support
  • Enterprise Analytics
  • Systems Integration
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • IT Project Management
  • Information Security
  • Ancillary Support
  • Ambulatory Support
  • Telecommunications and AV Services