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Where to Park:

Wayne and Cedar Grove:  Free Parking – Follow Employee Parking Signs*

Garrett Mountain: Free Parking – Park under Solar Panels*

Paterson: O Lot- Day Shift, 130 Getty Avenue, Paterson, NJ

Main Garage – Overnight Staff, Evening Staff, and Weekends:  703 Main Ave, Paterson, NJ

Transponders are required for all employees on or near the Paterson campus. See below for transponder and parking application information. 

Transponder Information:  Once you receive your ID badge, you can purchase a transponder at the Main Garage for $20 (cash/debit deposit). A fee will be deducted every paycheck for parking (fees vary depending on salary) You will receive a reimbursement of deposit when you return your transponder to parking. Alternative Option: Pay daily rate for parking ($10/day)

For Questions, call the Parking Office 24 Hour Number – Extension 973-754-3270 or

Click here to view the parking map for St. Joseph’s University Medical Center

Click here to upload the parking application

*Employees visiting the Paterson campus for business purposes can park in the Main Garage and receive complimentary parking..